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My work is based on the theme 'Disorder', which is the main theme of the Festival in 2017. 

It represents a Disordered Mess in a typographical form, which at first glance might seem organised and neat, but on looking further, it makes little sense, unless looked at closely.  

My work depicts the era we live in today, where no matter how organised and tech advanced we keep getting to make our lives comfortable and fast, there is much that is happening behind all that comfort with regards to ocean pollution, mass wipeout and killing of innocent animals in the wake of trade and entertainment, that has lead to the destruction of the earth we live on. All this is hardly visible to the naked eye.    

I think it is time, we start looking further than our shiny phone screens and deeper into how we can makes our planet better for the coming generations of beings to live on.    

2017 Cheap Street Poster Festival 


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