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Kyoto, A Zen Garden


In 2019 I had the wonderful opportunity of working with a Kyoto based letterpress printing studio, The Kyoto Press, as the art director and also designing one of the covers for a "Goshuincho", an accordion style temple stamp collection book, which can also be used as a diary. 

THEME: Kyoto, a Zen garden.
Living in Kyoto is like gazing at a "karesansui", a zen garden. With its ever evolving and changing landscape of a new culture and energy among the old resonating traditions and structures, you can play your imagination, giving a new "meaning" to the shapes and forms, as you wander around the city, but at the same time, you are left feeling mesmerised by its past.


This project was done with 6 other artists and illustrators from around the world based in and out of Kyoto. 

To see more follow this link!:

Planning & Creative Director/GRAfts
Art Director/Hirisha Mehta

​Photos credit: GRAfts
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