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30 Years of Kyoto Journal



Kyoto Journal is an all-volunteer publication founded in 1987 by expats living in Kyoto, showcasing insights from Kyoto, Japan and across Asia. Photography has always had a central part in Kyoto Journal, and this year we celebrated the 30 years of publishing with a very special exhibition showing
a small selection works of talented photographers who have contributed
to the our various issues over the past 30 years. 

Exhibition design involves designing identity design of the Exhibition itself—such as Logo, Exhibition Brochure, Entrance panel, Exhibition DM - 
2 variations), and participation in
the set-up of the exhibition overall. 

Logo Design

DM Design

Exhibition Guide design

A glimpse of the Kyoto Journal Exhibition that took place in Kyoto in Spring 2017, 15th April to 7th May, 

as a part of the KG+, a Kyotographie Satellite Event.

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